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We perform in-office and at-home bleaching as well.

Nowadays bleaching is a routine treatment that helps us remove stains caused by food, wine, smoking or any dental condition that results in the discolouration of teeth. Often people are afraid that due to bleaching the enamel or other structures of their teeth get weakened but our methods exclude all of these unwanted outcomes or side-effects. We use the Beyond-system where the teeth are covered with the bleaching solution and then exposed to a certain light that activates the bleaching agent. Due to this light hydrogen-peroxide is produced that penetrates into the tooth and diminishes the pigments that cause the discoloration. The solution also contains calcium which protects the enamel from structural damage.

In-office bleaching

Prior to bleaching we clean the teeth, remove all calculus and polish the surfaces, then we apply the solution. In the following we expose the covered area to the so-called Zoom-light for about 30-40 minutes in each session, we change the solution several times during the treatment so it is always fresh. All together it takes about 70-90 minutes. Its very big advantage compared to the at-home-bleaching systems is that the result is visible straightaway, 8-10 shades lighter than the original and it can even mature 1-4 shades further.

We recommend this system for those who want a prompt result, a big difference in shade and those who don’t have the time at home to perform the bleaching themselves. The whole procedure is painless and takes only one or two days of postop sensitivity.

At-home bleaching

When preparing for an at-home-bleaching we take an impression of the patient’s dental arches to fabricate a custom-made whitening tray that fits exactly. When the trays are ready the patient can start using them at home by putting the bleaching solution into the trays and putting them in place for about 60 minutes, repeatedly once a day for 10-14 days. During this period it is recommended to avoid colourful, possibly staining food and beverages. At the end of the two weeks teeth will get approximately 4-6 shades lighter.