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Full narcosis is the future of compound dental treatment.

Almost every type of treatment is performable this way so that it is absolutely free of pain, discomfort and stress related to fear. This way the dentist can perform more types of treatments in one session that would normally need several meetings.

Usually patients demand this type of extra treatment when implants are placed but recently many decide to choose this alternative even for multiple fillings.

According to the number and complexity of the treatments it can take 1-2 hours. Since it is possible to do as much as possible in one session, regeneration of the patient takes less time and less stress. With our elderly patients we take extra care and examine them very carefully so that no condition of theirs could possibly interact with the sedation.

Previous examination contains an EKG, blood tests, consultation with the anaesthesiologist, followed by an exact treatment plan. Then we set the appointment where the patient has nothing else to worry about but the deep sleep he is going to have. None of the unpleasant acoustic, tactile or visual experiences occur. Our doctors are present all time during the intervention and don’t leave until the patient regains full consciousness again.