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We provide customized solutions!

There are many methods and many different needs in implantology. Whether it’s a single tooth missing or a multiple case we try to find the optimal solution. We use the IHDE implant system where the implants can be loaded immediately after placement. Our other system is the SIC implant system. Patients can choose from the following materials for dentures based on implants: gold-ceramic, zirconia-ceramic, metal-ceramic. Cooperation between our doctors and and technicians looks back on a 20-year-history which assure perfect communication.

Dental implants are widely used today and not only for elderly people. Losing a tooth can cause many problems beside the primary effect of the difficulty in chewing. Neighbouring and opposing teeth can migrate or even fall out due to a bad angle of loading. To restore function and aesthetics implants are a very good choice. The sooner the missing teeth get replaced the less complications we have to face later and usually solving the primer problem at an early stage takes much less financial sacrifice.

For our implants we take full guarantee!

If there is any problem, screw loosening, fracture of the crown we change it free of charge. It is of utmost importance that our patients leave our office fully satisfied without any complaints.

Placing a dental implant is possible when there is enough bone and adequate oral hygiene. If there is a lack of bone at the donor place we perform either a xenograft placement or use autogenous bone from the patient.

However there are certain conditions which make it impossible to perform dental implantation. Such are untreated diabetes, bleeding problems, certain medications or smoking. In these cases after a thorough examination it is considerable if the operation is possible or not. In general we can say that due to the excellent materials we apply and our experienced surgeons, we always find the optimal solution.